“West Coast Sunset Sounds EP is DISCO HOUSE PAR EXCELLENCE”

West Coast Sunset Sounds EP

“West Coast Sunset Sounds EP by SCHUMACHER ” is out , sweetest HOUSE EP right right from L.A. . you can taste the sun , the MOJITOS, the SALTY SWEAT and the smile at the beach, by the pool and the funky goodness is melting every knot in your back , this EP which “SCHUMACHER” is giving us with a free download , got the house funk and magic to turn the snooze button in snoozeville into one funky SOUNDMACHINE , “OPEN YOUR EYES” IS A “EYES WIDE EYE SHUT” C&C SCREAMER , “WALKING on AIR ” is simply funky HORNTASTIC “the horns sample is just fun, funky gold which is really “wALKIMG ON AIR and the final CRESCENDO ‘FASTR LOVE” is the cherry on the top , sweet FINAL HOUSE ROCKER which brings it and everyone on the floor to swing with , “West Coast Sunset Sounds EP” a truly fine HOUSE EP by SCHUMACHER , DISCO HOUSE PAR EXCELLENCE

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