“Say My Name / Dhananjay -Dhananjay” by Dhananjay the First

“Say My Name / Dhananjay -Dhananjay”  by Dhananjay the First



Dhananjay the First , the INDIAN RAPPER from Grinnell, United States made a crazy “DESTINY CHILD – SAY MY NAME cover ” , smooth and slick , ya true slick spitting lyrics on the R&B classic , sweet , nasty and smart lines  after lines the rhymes by Dhananjay are fine and clever done , THIS COVER IS on heavy rotation ,highly recommended by SLEEPY TARYN from HAWAII

Dhananjay, Dhananjay
All the haters doubted
Now the ladies shout it

I’m not playin games

Dhananjay, Dhananjay
Since I been up on worldstar
Only fuck with pornstars
But they can’t take my chain

Dhananjay, Dhananjay
I make my moves in silence
Join me on my island
Not quite used to fame

Dhananjay, Dhananjay
Your schemin doesn’t faze me
Bite the hand that pays me
Better know my name

Every single day
I wake up, pour an 8
Breakfast where I lay
Buy your bitch a bouquet

Let my brown dick hang
Back and forth, let it sway
This bitch ain’t the same
That I took home with me yesterday

I know she got the thirst
For the First, what can I say
I’m the type of guy
To sit around and get paid

Sittin on my throne
All alone, in the rain
Newport in my mouth
Diamond in my chain

Girls say my name when they sit on my dick
David Stern say my name, I’m a lottery pick
Goin hard in the paint call me Flocka Flame
Standin on ma corner slingin rock cocaine

Lean in my j, takin shots like Dirk
Lean in my cup that’s my only curse
All white cum ya bitch lick the stain
Hoes know im boutta Pop like I coach the Spurs


Pop a pill actin like I want you baby
Wake up sober I don’t, I don’t know this lady
Dip real quick light a blunt call me Swayze, call me Swayze
My mouth taste funny then a honey was crazy

Sippin on the Belvedere
Sittin on the velvet here
With your bitch around I come back around
Like I’m back again for that sex appeal
Sex appeal? Legs to fill
You know I’m tryna pop that extra pill
You know I’m tryna keep shit extra real
Shit you won’t ever know me like them bitches will
And them bitches do, extra smooth
Dick in her mouth like a Newport cool
Callin me strong, callin me long
Tellin me I never ever ever had a man like you
And she never will, never will
Rap game Cadillac Coupe de Ville
Young Bombay sippin on Bombay
Lil homie tryna run up on that major deal

Indonesia bitch, you already know about it
You already know I wanna get between those thighs
Tween those thighs
I got a surprise, I got a surprise, I got that…







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