My Favourite Freaks Podcast #62 Lexer

My Favourite Freaks Podcast #62 Lexer

Radio G.A.G.A from Berlin, Germany produces one of my “My Favourite Podcast” which is really titled “My Favourite Freaks Podcast ” and they got always someone who got the juice in his mix to ban me for the time being to take my personal time to listen to , so today the Radio G.A.G.A crew from Berlin got LEXER and ” boi” this one got the juice from the start to the end , a monster “DEEP HOUSE” mix extraordinaire , a hour , 1 hour of your lifetime truly well spend , it is like smoothing house beats melting on your soul and moisturize your day, sweetest DEEP HOUSE by LEXER provided you by RADIO GAGA from BERLIN

+++ My Favourite Freaks Podcast +++

„3 Shots“ with Lexer

What do you think about My Favourite Freaks Podcast?

I don´t know, haven´t heard of it before, but it´s been for sure a cool one .. he he

What kind of style you played in your mix? Do you made something special? Or just a mix?

I made a mix with my style. Sunny Tracks for the upcoming Summer.

What is your next release and where do you release it?

My next Releases will be in May and August on Turnbeutel and Kittball .. keep your eyes and ears open.

+++ Artist +++

Lexer (Der Turnbeutel, Dusted Decks, Klang Gymnastik)

+++ My Favourite Freaks Intro by +++ (Desolat, Cecille, Suara, Zoo:Technique)

+++ MORE +++

+++ My Favourite Freaks Booking +++

+++ Frequencies +++

every tuesday 5pm (CET) on @myfavouritefreaks
every wednesday 9pm (CET) on
every thursday 03pm (CET) on
every friday 8pm (CET) on
every friday 10 pm (CET) on
every sunday 7pm (CET) on
every monday 4pm (CET) on
every wednesday 11pm (EAT) on (Kenya/Africa)

also on


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