Forbidden Fruit ( hucci RMX)

Forbidden Fruit ( Hucci RMX)



Forbidden Fruit ( Hucci RMX), is a dark and sweet, hip hop heavy trap rowdy by HUCCI and IF u know this GUY, you know he never disappoints , he knows what he is doing if he took a sample , press the button and triggering the right knob , he is always doing it 100 percent right and hit always the right spot , this one is not truly rowdy , this one is a lusty spinner , with a nasty tasty treat of a TRAP PROMISE, sweet like the epic BIBLICAL story , , sweet like an APPLE , this TRAP TUNE once a DAY is keeping the MAINSTREAM AWAY , HUCCI GOODNESS like HONEY, A tasty GOLDEN TREAT which is so mellow that it flows like honey; which is going to trap you for sure , it is so sweet m and can something which is so tasty and sweet that it turn salty can be truly wrong



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