April 2014 Mix by DSTRYD

April 2014 Mix by  ” DSTRYD ”

“DSTRYD ” aka Pablo Sims from Virginia Beach got a fresh mix his “April 2014 Mix ”  with  Alicks ft Coma, Abhi – Dijon, GXNXVS , Kun , The Weeknd,  Sango and KODA.
ELECTRO SOUL DELUXE by DSTRYD, SMOOTH  CHILLED 24 minutes and 30 seconds, sweet electro soul burner ,  “DSTRYD ” aka Pablo Sims knows what he does for sure ,


Alicks ft Coma – Alone In Here
Abhi – Dijon – Let Me Knoe (Dpat & Atu Remix)
O L V – Close To Use (Feat. Lapsley) (GXNXVS Remix)
Kun – Baby When We’re (Next reFIX)
The Weeknd – Rolling Stone (OverDo$e Edit)
Sango – Icebox 2.0
Koda – Invitation To Love




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