Bootlegs & B-Sides [13-April-2014]

Bootlegs & B-Sides [13-April-2014]

doe-ran from the Great WHITE NORTH never disappoint, he got the right hand and choice to find the rare and brilliant BOOTLEGS and B-SIDES , so I got my birthday three days ago and DOE-RAN give us, these are his words “Loads of good shit for ya this week. Hope ya dig.” I dig every tune, so hard , check out what he got on the table , breakbeat beats, funky shit , funky heaven and he start his mix this time true big , listen and make your day big , i promise you these collection of bootlegs and b-sides will chase away the grey clouds and kiss you awake

01. Finally Moving (Jimi Hendrix v Pretty Lights v Etta James) – Lance Herbstrong
02. Dance With You – Timothy Wisdom
03. Fake No. 4 – The Fakers
04. 3-6-9 – Stickybuds & Featurecast
05. Smudged Fudge – Beat Fatigue
06. Rollin’ – B-Side & Detta
07. Paper Jam – B-Sides & Detta
08. Rap5K – Superfort feat. JPrime
09. Rock The Body (Exodus & Leewise Remix) – Kenny Beeper
10. Dynomite Strikes Back (Bobby C Sound TV Edit) – Jean Tonique
11. Dance To The Drummer – B-Side & Detta
12. Pick Up – Leygo
13. As Live As It Gets (Leygo Remix) – Kenny Beeper
14. Mylo Banger – Shaka Loves You
15. As We Enter – Phibes
16. Drop The Funk – A.Skillz & Nick Thayer
17. Black Betty – Morris Chestnut feat. Leadbelly


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