Roots Manuva – Movements

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To celebrate the passing of 15 years since Roots Manuva‘s debut album Brand New Second Hand, which was released on 1 March 1999 on Big Dada, we are giving away “Movements”, the track that opened that groundbreaking record.

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ya “Movements by Roots Manuva” is a true special tune for me, everyone was rocking EMINEM and WU-TANG was smoldering in their pieces , RZA was rocking his solo path, OL’dirty was ceasing into history and the UNITED KINGDOM was somehow at peripherie and true underground, HIJACK was history but there was the drop of sweat from the NINJATUNE crew , who held up high the flag , SOLID STEELE , every part , band and crew was like purified liquid gold , gleaming so red and hot that it lightened the dark and beast of business with every pieces they brought into the game, “Movements by Roots Manuva” , a retro NIKE in brown leather , saved me from the dark ages , Movements by Roots Manuva is so deep and dope that it deserve to be “The CLASSIC INFUSION of SOUND ” APRIL”, so many try to be , this tune it is, GHOST DOG, RZA, WU-TANG, SHAOLING, , YODA, AFRO SAMURAI and me myself and I could not be so masterful like ROOTS MANUVA did flexed such a legend of a tune


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