Maxamillion feat. Fernando Hedge – Choir

Maxamillion feat. Fernando Hedge – Choir


VIENNA is a place full historical subversive moments, political changes, art and sound was always a huge part of it, “Maxamillion feat. Fernando Hedge – Choir:” MAXAMILLION promised us ” Der richtige Sound für deine Brand! /  THE RIGHT SOUND for your BRAND!” MAXAMILLION promises its CLIENTS the right COMPOSITION, finest SOUND BRANDING and the VIENNA musician and crew is doing a fine job, “CHOIR” is an EPIC HOUSE TUNE , a sweet talking rocker , MEPISTOPHELES said ” I TRY to do it right and reache out to make good and achieve always the worst ” here did MAXAMILLION try to do it right , reached out to compose something good and achieved something true beautiful , nevertheless to say sometimes house can sound just like this and if something sound like this one do , life seem to be worth living one more day and the sun seem to shine through the notes and tone, music a story written again in Vienna and composed with heart and soul , let us together listen and celebrate such a treasure of  art . Check out the blog and the other gems


Der richtige Sound für deine Brand!


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