James Blake – To The Last vs. M.I.A. – aTENTion [Nate Belasco MASHUP]

James Blake – To The Last vs. M.I.A. – aTENTion [Nate Belasco MASHUP]


NATE BELASCO mashed together JAMES BLAKE AND M.I.A. and the result is so dang mesmerizing the fairytale way ” JAMES BLAKE “way to sing his pieces is like dancing in the mist you hear him , you do not see him and you feel the mystical way he crossed path with his lyrics he sings about. M. I . A a vocalist from the other pole , so different , in so many ways , it is like that both artists seem to be too different that a mashup and coexistence seem not possible ,JAMES BLAKE  the smooth , soothing kind and the steamy , pressurized style by M.I.A. found together ,NATE BELASCO from WASHINGTON mixed both in his STUDIO in MARYLAND, NATE BELASCO himself admitted “These songs don’t go together at all so this is just weird.” but somehow is is like the dark and white side ,the ying and yang , so different , like night and day ; like a magnetic pole it fitted so magical together that the final result fitted perfectly together , it reminds me of the first time i heard,”TALKING HEADS  ” TRICKY” and “MOLOKO” just different and simply beautiful not fitting in my mindset that i have to take my time to understand it, and was worth the time , dang this one is so different that every detail is worth listening to , it really surprised me always everytime it fits like a personal tailored suit , every pieces made it whole , nicely done NATE BELASCO from WASHINGTON





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