TüteTeeMusikTüte by Barila Funk

TüteTeeMusikTüte by  Barila Funk


Barila Funk’s avatar

TüteTeeMusikTüte by  Barila Funk, BARILA stands for FUNKY BEATS , al dente , that means that his set got always” Bite” , CRUNCHY HIP HOP sets from Mönchengladbach, Germany with cap and flanell shirt and he let his funk does his bitting.

01. Kid Tsunami – Twothousand40 Feat Masta Ace
02. Freddi Foxxx – Lazy!!!
03. ??? – I Got The BLues But I Don’t Care
04. Betty Wright – Clean Up Woman (Jim Sharp Edit)
05. Black Moon Vs Blendcrafters – How Many MCs
06. The Funk League – Through Good & Bad Feat. Large Professor
07. Keith Murray – Dip Dip Di (You Remix Mi)
08. Tea Sea Records – Out The Box Feat. Pete Rock & Masta Ace (Tom Curana Remix)
09. Biz Markie – Nobody Beasts The Biz (Love Our Record Remix)
10. Betty LaVette – Soul Tambourine (Honest Lee Re-Edit)
11. Biggie Vs ATCQ – Check The Bullshit
12. ATCQ – Oh My God (UK Flavor radio Mix)
13. ATCQ – Oh My God (Remix)
14. DJ Premier & Bumpy Knuckles – B.A.P
15. Kutmasta Kurt, Motion Man & Retrogott – The Rhyme Imperial






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