Naked Truth’s Full Album Stream

Naked Truth’s Full Album Stream

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Lorine Chia  daughter from Willoughby, United States makes me shiver and let me question how much I heard before or known because her new album got spirit and is high and mighty that it reminds me of JILL SCOTT’s ” WHO is JILL SCOTT” ‘word and sound volume 1., where i sat for hours and days and listen to just to understand bounding spell of a her voice, or the moment where i first time listen to MISSY ELLIOT work and gifted mind and was blown away , there was magic in the voice , there was magic in the beat, there was magic in the energy in the variety of skillz and tunes , just a perfect album filled with tunes each one a piece of art with spirit and soul , LORINE CHIA got it , that thing i was looking for and love to listen to. Is it her voice , her spirit or the producer , i do not know now , i need time to listen mh, I just know i love to take my time to listen to LORINE CHIA

1. Fly High (prod by Givtyd)
2. Bout It (prod by R!O & Kamo)
3. Might Come Around (prod by Nate Fox)
4. Da Fire (prod by D&D)
5. Go Deep (skit)
6. Lost In My Mind (prod by Vitamin D & R!O)
7. Feel The Music (prod by Nate Fox)
8. Wondering Where (prod by Vitamin D Co-Prod by R!O)
9. New Friends (prod by Nate Fox)
10. Strange Fruit (skit) (prod by Nate Fox)
11. Eve’s Perspective (prod by D&D)
12. House On The Hill (prod by D&D)
13. Dance In The Rain (prod by Givtyd)
*14. Good Enough (prod by Audio Dope)
*Bonus Track


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