Elsie – Seasons (Feat Shai Agmon)

Elsie – Seasons (Feat Shai Agmon)
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A nice and decent POP tune in a time where superstars needs to sit naked on cold wrecking balls to get dust in places where girls do not wanna  asbestos dust , and “Elsie – Seasons (Feat Shai Agmon)” seem to have the thing we sometimes like to find in  POP tune , a voice , some lyrics we understand and can follow and sometimes deserve a decent composed POP tune like this one , a minute or two to listen to.  MUSIK does not need much if its  well done like “Elsie – Seasons (Feat Shai Agmon)” it had earned the time , ok my time to listen to. DECENT is nowadays more important when stars and pop idols just clones from the marketing department .

Dedicated to the memory of Geoff Mott. A great friend and musician. Many thanks to Shai Agmon for his wonderful guitar work. Please check him out.


2 thoughts on “Elsie – Seasons (Feat Shai Agmon)

  1. oh! so lovely! cheers, thanks for sharing!x

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