blackMadonna (prod. Sunni Colòn)

blackMadonna (prod. Sunni Colòn)

blackMadonna (prod. Sunni Colòn)

Sunni Colòn aka thierry tetsu from tokyo, Japan made again a mysterious electro soul tune with a eighty guitar riff , which reminds me of “TOP GUN” , and “blackMadonna “: seem to be a electro gospel with a lot of soul , mentioning  the color ” black” , but like his former pieces , SUNNI COLON did it with a lot gusto and dang he is skilled; his voice is rocking the gospel with an aura of echos in the background and again a supernatural piece of a tune .

The Els’ Flowers EP

THE SUNNI COLON EP I sincere deeply adore  every tune is pure gold ,KARMA is for me a little “BEATLES meets SOUL of the modern AGES” the whole EP is modern history of music for me


This playlist contains 6 sounds, total time: 26.09

blackMadonna (prod. Sunni Colòn)


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