MashMike – The Royals From Liverpool

MashMike – The Royals From Liverpool


MashMike - The Royals From Liverpool



Lorde – Royals vs. The Beatles – Come Together is a dang nice mash up BEATLES are not the icionic over lords and over powering the ” ROYALS” it merge together in harmony and it fit  sexy togehter

Copyright Statement:
This track is not intended to infringe any copyright laws in any way. This is for the sole purpose of entertainment; no profit is gained from this. It is the copyrighted property of its respective owner(s)



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For more than 25 years MashMike is a passionate DJ. Following his motto ‚home is where my recordplayer is’ he performed in various locations.
In the beginning of 2008 he produced his first Mashup, which was broadcasted by Matthias ‚Matuschke’ Matuschik in his radio show on ‚radio Bayern 3’. Since then nine Mashup-albums comprising 170 tracks had been created. Being co-host of the show on Bayern 3 he himself is spreading his Mashups.
In August 2011 MashMike presented a pure Mashup-set on the first big Mashup-event. During the Sony Playstation Party ‚gamescom’ in Köln more than 3000 visitors of the fair celebrated, listening to excellent
bastard-pop sounds. Finally MashMike stranded at BOOTIE Munich joining the Resident-Crew. As well in his home country he was able to reach many clubber, infecting them with the Mashup-virus.
‚BOOTIE Berlin presents MashMike!’ were the headlines in April 2012 when MashMike performed in the capital city for the first time. He played in several Clubs (KingsClub in Deggendorf, Rezolut in Simbach) and
followed Party-engagements in the surroundings. Also he convinced at ‚HALLI GALLI DRECKSOUND’ in the Muffat-Cafe in Munich during his guest performance.
In 2012 he was booked again at gamescon-SONY-Playstation-Party. After that many more Gigs in notable Clubs followed (Rezolut, Simbach; Palme, Wörth; Nova, Passau, Penker, Ascha; Kings, Deggendorf;) – thereof four with his favourite host ‚Matuschke’ from BAYERN 3. Furthermore, there were various other legendary parties in the ‚Osterhofener Stadthalle’ (Halloween-Party; XMAS-Party; JU-Disco).
Above all, on New Year’s Day, operating as BAYERN 3-DJ he rocked more than 17.000 people at the Ski-Worldcup Parallel-Slalom in the Olympic Stadium Munich.


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