Killing Time by Rökkurró

Killing Time by Rökkurró

Killing Time

Rökkurró from Reykjavik, Iceland made a beautiful tune , I am a sucker for the MAGICAL tunes which comes from that place where a little girl told us a story that she learned to become so great as she now is ; because she walked and drove  to the local Icelandic artist and found her unique style because she worked and learned how to express and sing she can with the greatest MUSICIAN from ICELAND . the magic and the melancholy and how they find a way out of the dark in their  composition , it must be the culture  it must be the language , each word seem to be magical and a little part of a spell , Icelandic Sanskrit . The crazy fine and crystal clear intonation which made it  so amazing beautiful and let me smile like a little infant after it discovered how beautiful the world can be; when someone return your smile,


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