Bino Vs Bree [Prod By XXYYXX]

Bino Vs Bree [Prod By XXYYXX]

Bino Vs Bree [Prod By XXYYXX]

Bino Vs Bree  proves  how great the music  by XXYYXX is

Bino Vs Bree is something different , produced by XXYYXX is taking story telling to another level, this is like an audio book  following the old black film noire spiral of the wrong decision we sometimes do , or not ,”BINO vs BREE” is the confrontation between RELATIONSHIP PARTNER , where we met well known problems , like fixing things , cleaning those and all  is about communication probems between each other , listen man, this is about : “REAL NIGGA SHIT” not just about dope , CRYSTAL , CLUBS and BITCHES, ok some bitching but no hoes and bitches , the spiral down to the moment to chose to go postal.

XXYYXX is about listening the right way , listen , it is not about avoiding problems , listening , the right way is about understanding the shit, you do not wanna fix the roof , fix sink , do the dishes or do the trashes, If you stop do the detail work  you lose the it , you stop to work at the thang which is going on between you and you lose the  battle.

I dig and love this because the beat of XXYYXX, if i have to listen to this relation ship without the beat and the XXYYXX handcrafted beat i would not listen to the end , but with the XXYYXX soundtrack to the “REAL NIGGA SHIT ” it got some magic like GIL SCOTT HERON got , without the true god giving gift for sound , understanding, composing , the music and the soul who knows how to listen, he would be just another  drunk cocaine addict but with his god giving gift , he is GIL SCOTT HERON and his MUSIC AND POEMS got substance we love to listen to , so XXYYXX proves that he got the same god giving talent to make sound , music and the tell stories with his tunes ,his tunes give the story line , plot the depth and sense so we have to endure the everyday shit between , “BINO vs BREE” , man i listen to this now the tenth time , XXYYXX beats is crazy addictive . I know the beats , I know the SONGS, but the background sound is more important , not in the front , but it gives the shit a soul , i do not listen it to the end , sorry but without the soundtrack it is everyday shit from another sister and bother and ” REAL NIGGA  shit ” i do not need have to deal with , great BEAT , weak story , but the BEAT got such greatness who earned the grace to listen to and let us dealing with “KEIshA” relationship BS, real great BEAT and tune by XXYYXX.


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