JMSN – The One (‘†Pllaj높 out Nov. 5)

JMSN – The One (‘†Pllaj높 out Nov. 5)

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HART TO DESCRIBE SUCH A TUNE , wow this one by “JMSN – The One” really bombed me out of the underground and hardcore pedestal , this “”JMSN – The One” is so borderline boy band sweetened that I  really not sure , when I post this one I could lose STREET CRED, the little i have, but the product the whole tune is so simple, so  good done and sung , borderline pop, borderline boy band , borderline J.t,” I guess he wish to have this one in his discography, , whaaa, this one makes me so  dang mushy gushy and the producer pushed every right button , like ” mad man by SUgarbabes” the whole piece is so crazy beautiful borderline soul , borderline r&B, and still every piece seem to fit in one perfect pie where the pie chart is so delicious done

THE OVERKILLis that besides this tune is nearly borderline perfect for itself done sung and produced , the grand master of modern BEAT, FUTURE FUNK , ELECTRO SOUL , ja the grande master of the elite corps made their own interpretation of ” JMSN – The One ” ; TAKU ; KAYTRANADA, SANGO , DPAT, MNSGN, JELANI, TULNA composed their own hymn of this incredible piece of art and I cannot say and decide which one is better each one got his own depth of beats , tones and layers which gives me s o the chills and goose bumps.

Pre-Order Pllajë
Written, Produced & Mixed by JMSN
From ‘†Pllaj높 out Nov. 5
Vinyl & CD’s available at /


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