Feed Me – Last Requests (feat. Jenna G)

Feed Me

Feed Me – Last Requests (feat. Jenna G)

JON GOOCH is back better known as “FEED ME ” , he  is going to release another one of his precious EDM , ELECTRO tunes and FEED ME and MIXMAG had released PRE burner with a bunch of new tunes, SPOR or FEED ME , he does make brilliant music , so in love with ”  Feed Me – Last Requests (feat. Jenna G)” so addictve , so sick , so dope he has come back to deliver one of the best albums this month.  Calamari Tuesday , some blogs are reporting that “Calamari Tuesday”could be one of the best new releases this month , not so sure for myself , but so far Calamari Tuesday got a bunch of monster tunes and so far I am really impressed by the tunes and this shit is definitive rocking .

Feed Me & Jenna G - Last Requests

Feed Me – Mixmag 21-10-13


Going to post a brand new mix for Mixmag in a bit,



Hello My Name Is (Spoken)
Feed Me – Time For Myself
Feed Me – Grand Theft Ecstasy (Remix)
Feed Me – Thumb Got Stuck
Feed Me – Talk To Me
Feed Me – Without Gravity
Feed Me – Rat Trapped (Parts I-III)
Tjani – Vptown
Feed Me – Ebb & Flow feat. Tasha Baxter
Feed Me – Final Stage
Interlude (Piano)
Feed Me – Last Requests feat. Jenna G
Feed Me – Shine On (Pink Floyd)
Feed Me – Little Cat Steps (Outro)
Fin (Piano)

Calamari Tuesday out now:

iTunes: smarturl.it/CalamariTuesday

CD Amazon:

Vinyl Amazon:


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