Moosetape #3 by Moose Records

Moosetape #3 by Moose Records

MOOSE RECORDS LABEL released   “MOOSETAPE #3 , I guess this one is the tenor of my day , the elite of chill wave , chill step music , the creme de la creme of the high tide which provides us with sound the modern definiton of CHILL WAVE , you can find the essence and tunes on the MOOSE TAPES . THE third  MOOSE TAPE is with KYSON, OMN , ZAIKA, TOTAL MESS, ORTOCK, KHADISSMA, TOMMY JACOB , HENRY KRINKLE, PHAM, SHARLIT EVERGLADES , TYORD . COMA, MYKXXX and MOOSE RECORDS is defining again  absolute RELAXATION and the “Art of CHILL WAVE”, like a warm summer rain

Moosetape #3

Kyson – Ocean Tides (Andrea remix)


brilliant tunes from the first mixtape untill now

Still Here — ATU / Moose Tape #1


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