Icona Pop – Girlfriend (The Chainsmokers Remix)(Big Beat)

Icona Pop – Girlfriend (The Chainsmokers Remix)(Big Beat)


Icona Pop - Girlfriend (The Chainsmokers Remix)(Big Beat)



 The Chainsmokers “Drew Taggart & Alex Pall”are DJ-Producers // Stuntmen //
Self Proclaimed Male Models from New York, United States who took “Icona Pop – Girlfriend ” and    made a sassy banging big beat remix , love that they packed and origin story for this one , i guess they are really  enjoy their life and love chilly ; “FULL TRACK OUT NOW ON BEATPORT!”


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The Chainsmokers “Drew Taggart & Alex Pall” themselves

ALL I NEED IN THIS LIFE OF SIN IS ME AND MY GIRLFRIEND… Icona Pop is sick, ride or die chicks are the sickest, get weird to this big room tune…

NOTE ABOUT THE SONG:SO we heard this tune a long long while back and begged our friend Jack to track down the stems for us via Atlantic. At the time our track record we were a bit unknown so we appreciate the folks at Atlantic for letting us try a hand at this, but in the end it worked out for everyone as we think this is a pretty Massive song. Anyway, with this tune we wanted to get in on the massive bass kick that has been so popular in house but find a unique lead to compliment it. It was great because paired with Icona Pop’s anthemic vocals of the classic Tupac song, the track has this great sing a long appeal but still get filthy at the drop. We have been waiting a LONG while to release this and playing it in all our sets so we are very excited to finally release it to the world for everyone to enjoy.’

NOTE FROM THE MOUSE LIVING IN OUR APT THAT WE CANNOT CATCH: “You will never catch me no matter how many traps you put down suckers, oh and nice song”


Fun Facts:
1) Mixing Diet Cola with Booze will get you more drunk than regular soda, fact…
2) When Drew and I sing this song at the top of our lungs while performing we do feel weird
3) Every Chili’s restaurant has an upside down photo in it as a challenge for patrons to find… take our word for it, we do chili’s a lot…


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