The Future Beats Show 016 by DJ COMPLEXION

The Future Beats Show 016  by DJ COMPLEXION

The Future Beats Show 016

AGAIN A MASSIVE ” The Future Beats Show 016  by DJ COMPLEXION” the unique collection of FUTURE BEATS  ,ELECTRO SOUL, is an incredible selection with  fresh infamous , famous and hot artist ,read the track list , i am dang proud for TAJAN made it  to the climax title which is framing this beautiful set at the end, to give this SET by DJ COMPLEXION a round and killer final  , DJ COMPLEXION proves again that the way to the set, the art to select the right tunes is  an art form for itself .

a man , a dj , music each a modern legend and the  future of SOUL and FUNK , a set full innovation , without nudity on a wrecking ball

this selection is simple art by itself

Onra – Intro
Evil Needle X Complexion – Mercy me
Promnite – I’m sprung
Sinoe – Take off
Usher – My Boo Ghadimi Rmx
Pharrell – Can I have it like that Shackles RMX
Ben Bada Boom – Ur my special one
Uness – Did it have to be like this
Chloe Martini – Temptation
Ghadimi – Call me maybe
Dornik – Something about you
Shad Ft Ebrahim – Ya’ll know me
Evil Needle – Lucky lady
J-Rican Lucky lady
Waldo – Kobe’s room
ItsNate – I got a plan
Milo Mills – Jupiter
The Ninetys – Steal corners
Phoenix and the flower girl – All you need Haan808 RMX
Nick Brewer – Sun in your eyes
Kaytranada – At all Sango RMX
Basecamp – Emmanuel Stwo RMX
Sampha – Indecision T.Hemingway X Maximus MMC RMX
StarRo – Hold on we’re going home
The Ninetys – Slide Out
Abnormal – Asia Dee
Rilla Force X SevnthWonder – Free spirit
OnlyLost – Lost without you
Last Night In Paris – He comes home
Ta-Ku – Moving on
Abnormal – Zoe finds Mila
Wayvee X JT – Let you know
OnlyLost – Tell me
Evil Needle – Falling Leaves
Big Wild – Summers end
Black Bear – Laid out Tajan RMX


Space age love songs

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