RUSSIA got “813”

Eight One Three’s avatar
813 – Glitter Sand ♥ ( free wav ) ♥
813  a modern sound genius from Moscow, Russia and he has a new track called “GLITTER SAND”; he is featured by XLR8R, EARMILK, PITCHFORK and MIXMAG. SOUNDTHINGS was overwhelmed and blasted away by his crazy tune ” LEMONADE” and MOSCOW was  never brighter before this tune for this blog , “LEMONADE” was a shining signal light , it was bright like the the sun and a perfect tune to start the summer of 2013, he played with Hudson Mohawke , MF Doom , Moby , UZ , Zomby , Onra , Obey City , B. Bravo and more.
GLITTER SAND is his newest one and this one is a burning , massive and dope JERSEY CLUB ROCKER from the Firefighter from MOSCOW aka 813, clean not TRIPPY TURTLE kinky and nasty fun , but the Russian multistyle producer made a fine, dope JERSEY CLUB for the summer
813 – Sunny Lemonade ( wav DL )
and here another five crazy tunes by 813

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