Natalie by Love Mansuy

 Natalie by  Love Mansuy

Love Mansuy’s avatar

 Natalie by  Love Mansuy from Montreal, Canada is packing a massive TAJAN PUNCH in this one , every SOUND seem a compact and massive COMPLEX, a MIRAGE of a MAZE, where we love to get lost in , “NATALIE ” is romantic and soulful , a roaring brilliant ELECTRO SOUL tune by ” LOVE MANSUY” from the GREAT WHITE NORTH, I WISH I COULD LISTEN TO IT LONGER, I WISH I COULD listen to beauty and listen to the text, but the it is like the most intense time i spend with a woman , everything is perfect, there are no details which is more important or more beautiful or is worth more to remember, the sum of it all every detail , every breath , every taste, , there are nothing more than the whole idea of this tune which made it so gorgeous. And” LOVE MANSUY ” got a second tune which got the same qualities, pure soul, “X” is sure food for our soul


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