Maya by Samuel Truth

 Maya by  Samuel Truth

Samuel Truth’s avatar



NEW ZEALAND there must be magic when such a tune like ” MAYA by SAMUEL TRUTH ” can be composed there , wow this one has blown me away today , I could not wait to write about this one , he has packed all the things he got surrounded in NEW ZEALAND , AUCKLAND , SOUNDS OF the CITY, MAGICAL FORESTS, beautiful WOMEN, fresh air , this sound here by SAMUEL TRUTH is like that moment when we can truly breath deep and free and smell life , flowers, pure oxygen and how magical it is to be alive, is it chill wave , is it a piece of brilliant art of pure beats, is it electro , is it bass music , one thing is sure and safe , i promise you one of the most beautiful tunes you are gonna listen to today , pure magic ,man pure prove that god does exist and life is beautiful


d a r k e r t h a n w a x


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