Kocee Reworks (Free Downloads)

Kocee Reworks (Free Downloads)
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Kocee is the new nickname of the artist J Dovy, known for his deep-house productions for some labels such as Soul Shift Music, Deep Movements , Ambiosphere or Disco Birds.
Founded the band Different Universes & member from FueL & Effendi, the releases made in collaboration with his friend pianist Vartan Fau for labels like Nylon Trax, Lokossa Music (owner),
Raw Matter Recordings (owner) & Living 4 the Future Records.
This new alt explores more into the jazz, soul, funk, disco tinted of broken-beat and flirting on deep chilled out ambiances.

Kocee est le nouveau surnom de l’artiste J Dovy, connu pour ses productions deep-house pour des labels tels que Soul Shift Music, Deep Movements, Ambiosphere ou Disco Birds.
A fondé le groupe Different Universes et membre de FueL et Effendi, sorties effectuées en collaboration avec son ami pianiste Vartan Fau pour des labels comme Nylon Trax, Lokossa Music (propriétaire), Raw Matter Recordings (propriétaire) et Living 4 the Future Records.
Ce nouvel alt explore plus dans le jazz, soul, funk, du disco teintés de broken-beat et flirte sur des ambiances deep & chill out.

All my greetings go to my parents, family, friends from all boards for their patience and supporting, love you all…

You are invited to leave comments or messages, I’ll reply for sure…
I admit to not being a commentator expansive, but please do not leave comments simply promotional, there is nothing constructive and music will never look as grown

Releases @ :
Stompy – www.stompy.com/wp/fa/J+Dovy
Beatport – www.beatport.com/artist/j-dovy/158026
Traxsource – www.traxsource.com/index.php?act=s…&sc=artists
iTunes – itunes.apple.com/fr/artist/j-dovy/id416427467

releases have been supported by djs/producers such as Rick Wade, Raresh, Ekkohaus, Carlos Valdes, Luca Bear, Moodymanc, Norm Talley, Master H, Fabrice Lig (Third Ear), Roual Galloway (Ministry of Sound Radio), Jose M. Afonso, David Moreno (Ibiza Global Radio) …

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