Die Antwoord – “Cookie Thumper” (Official Video)

Die Antwoord – “Cookie Thumper” (Official Video)



SOUTH AFRICA  HIP HOP QUEEN IS back and YOLANDI is killing , if the female movement need a new face YOLANDI is the next generation of power woman and she proves it beyond all the taboos a petite girl with massive power and abs you wish to have got a new tune and she is the main protagonist , this one is fusing the “LOLITA SUBJECT ” with the powerful SOUTH AFRICAN ” DIE ANTWOORD” energy and BEATS , THIS TUNE is DIRTY , KINKY and SIMPLE POWERFUL. I GUESS THIS IS REALLLY EXPLICIT but I know this is 190 percent a dance hall killer , this raise the bars for for female MC’s world totally wide to show you powerful voice without any hesitation and taboos , speak up what you wanna say and you will be heard , YOLANDI show you u how to do it , BY the way the beat is totally murder sick . volume up and let YOLANDI do the rest



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