I Need Somebody by COLORSBOYZ

I Need Somebody by  COLORSBOYZ





just got a mail to soundthings from ILE de FRANCE, Philou & Brice aka COLOBOYZ , and boy I AM happy that I got some people who are so talented and read my blog , they produce electronic music like House, Nu-disco, hip-hop electronic .., and they got a monster electro soul with a mega ton of soul in their repertoire called “I Need Somebody” , mention under the genre HIP HOP ELECTRONIC , ok , but this tune flies like a good old STEVIE WONDER TUNE, , SUNNY and pure SOULFOOD with golden BRASS SAMPLES, perfect for a summer night with friends , a tune which gives every moment , the present, the memory which can become one of theses moments you like to give a special space in your heart , it is night the sun goes down , you look around and see the faces you love , trust and wish them next to you and “”I Need Somebody” by COLORBOYZ is with you , a tune to remember , a born classic electro soul , hip hop electro , a sound , a tune to last and remember, an evening to last , your life a legend and the soundtrack is perfect composed by COLORBOYZ aka the PARISIAN DUO  Philou & Brice












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