Gimmix – Bonnie

 Gimmix – Bonnie
GIMMIX’s avatar
Olli M. from Leipzig, Germany aka  Gimmix give us a contemporary House tune and his ableton tetris is rocking the cloud and beatport

Stiff Little Spinners. Volume 3

Back once again we serve the incredible, embracing the world of electronic dance clubs and open air raves with heartfelt warmth, organic basslines and a whole lotta love as the people out there simply deserve that.

What does that mean at all? For the third time you’re entering the musical realms ruled by the Stiff Little Spinners collective which is represening a unique but shared musical vision on limited 12“ vinyl and as digital download.

Starting things with Gimmix’ „Bonnie” that is fusing contemporary House music with an uber-seductive Future Garage twist and frolicking sub bass tones for primetime floors, whilst our SlowHouse loving Rampue introduces his “Insensible Remix” with a fragile James Blake’y vocal vibe that enrolls on top of tender but bouncy 4/4 vision, carrying an ever evolving synth bass and sensitive string structures.

The journey continues lead by the (not so) mysterious Torsun Teichgräber which musically re-adjusts the works of „Dr Sommer” – well known to each and every German teen – and builds a raw and well tripping, 8bit-influenced bass trap for pumping DeepHouse dancefloors. A track that features more than one tongue-in-cheek moment without even touching the edge of cheesiness. Plus: have you ever heard a piano being romantic as romantic can get moving whole dancefloors to tears due to it’s simple beauty alone?

But let’s push things forward with the triplet of Davidè Kilian & Mendoza which are riding a classic LatinHouse structure with “Can’t Take The Heat”, turning it upside down by using a ClubHouse-influenced bassline whilst Laurid’s smooth and smoky vocal works provides a true summer vibe. Imagine riding the streets of Miami, pumping this hot jam through a massive car stereo and being the king of the street, living a life without boundaries. This is what this tune is all about before Kalipo’s Fraktal・ brings back lost and lonely minor piano chords, sparkling over an epic analogue piece that is partly influenced by deepest melancholia but at the same time playful, symphonic and rich in detail, a proper knob-twisting jam that is way more than your regular dancefloor tune.

Rounding of this little story is the original Stiff Little Spinner known as Krink who’s coming up with a tense and thrilling TechHouse jam for the darkest hours of the night, a moody, film noir’esque piece that sprays a sense of danger and crime from each and every microtone. Stripped down to the bone but appealing like a forbidden fruit this one is true dancefloor force that cannot be denied.


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