Gorillaz – Feel Good Inc. (Professor Kliq Remix)

Gorillaz – Feel Good Inc. (Professor Kliq Remix)

Professor Kliq’s avatar

Mike Else aka Professor Kliq from Chicago, United States and he did a nice remix “Gorillaz – Feel Good Inc.” is rolling into 2013 with this one ,

Professor Kliq himself

Hey, I’m Mike and I’m from Chicago. Some folks call me Professor Kliq… because I sort of told them to. I make a few different kinds of electronic music like big beat, trip hop and electro. All of my stuff is licensed Creative Commons so the good people can download it all for free… because that’s how I usually hear my favorite artists for the first time. Anyway, go to my website and you can download tons of stuff for free.

The last of the commissioned works, this was a request by a good friend and fellow music student, Doug Raymond AKA “Lord Irwin” (you can find him here on SC).

I really wanted to do something in my own classic style and get back to the stuff I honestly and truly like and not try to compete with the direction that a lot of dance and electronic music is going. Thusly, this is a lot more disco, a lot more cinematic… I think I was able to dig up a lot of the old styles I got into and, thusly, was able to get a lot more out that way.

Thanks for asking me to do this, Doug, and thank you for your generous donation!


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