We Work Nights by GOLD PANDA

 We Work Nights by GOLD PANDA


Gold Panda’s avatar




GOLD PANDA succeeded  to made a tune which is so wonderful ,”We Work Nights” is so premium extraordinaire platinum level that this one could be another milestone produced by “Gold Panda”but this one  is so uber gorgeous i still listen to this beauty , check it out , what can I say more GOLD PANDA SEEM to take here the next level of his skillz and become better , this sounds not like a compliment first but I was in love with his tunes for such a long time , his tunes was one of my standarts other tunes had to mess with, so GOLD PANDA was in my perspective always creme dela creme, top notch , brilliant and virtuous but “We Work Nights” is so overwhelming , incredible beautiful so I do not know how to describe it better now , i try it later again when I am not so smashed by it, It is like you meet the Person you truly love and all your game, all the tricks and walked path to get into the game seem to be not right and all compliments and words to describe it seem not right because this one by Gold Panda seem speak for itself , just one thing seem to be in clear sight, GOLD PANDA excelled himself once more

Pre-order the new Gold Panda album ‘Half Of Where You Live’ released June 10th 2013 via NOTOWN/Ghostly International smarturl.it/HalfOfWhereYouLive


Gold Panda himself

Making music at home and playing it to people not at home.


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