Swizzymack – BASS (JEFF046)

Swizzymack – BASS (JEFF046)

Swizzymack - BASS (JEFF046)

Young Philly phenom Jordan “Swizzymack” Safford’s BASS EP for Jeffree’s defies categorization as clearly as it redefines frontiers in club music. Swizzy’s sonic architecture effortlessly ascends to a realm of the rarest of air, where the club template has been obliterated and replaced with true audio anarchy. Steroid injected kicks, claps and buildups collide with hyperactive tempos and pulverizing drops to describe a post apocalyptic warzone where the dance floor is the only safe haven. “Bass” is a call to arms. Swizzy commands us to join him on a journey to find out just how deep and more importantly – how far – the bass goes. No one knows til we get there…not even Swizzymack. “Bouncin” is told from a twerker’s point of view. Her booty is clearly too fat and she loves bouncin’ it for Swizzy. It’s the soundtrack to getting a walley on a space station. And the close out the EP is the tricky, trippy and slippery joint “Drip”. It plucks, pops and glides in and out of all the right places with ease. By the time Swizzy’s trademark sirens drop in it’s too late – you’re too wet – and the floor is dripping with twerk sweat.

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