DAFT PUNK – GET LUCKY (feat. Charles Butler) – Beats Antique REMIX

DAFT PUNK – GET LUCKY (feat. Charles Butler) – Beats Antique REMIX

DAFT PUNK - GET LUCKY  (feat. Charles Butler) - Beats Antique REMIX

IF once more GET LUCKY, for the million time than let it be different and innovative and Beats Antique  heard my deepest wish for a new child born from the loins and they killed it , Beats Antique  remix featuring Charles Butler is new anachronistic western funk packed with tons of hail ho silver in the luggage , and the rolling bushes and saloon girls head bubbling and swinging to this nice one and they seem to caught the heat of the prairie with a banjo,David Satori, Zoe Jakes and Sidecar Tommy from Oakland, United States



This remix / cover came about because an old school friend of David Satori by the name of Charles Butler decided to post a video of himself playing a little diddy called “Get Lucky’ from the badass french duo known as DAFT PUNK! This video inspired Beats Antique to feat. Charles in a collaboration and here you go! Charles is the reason David from Beats Antique plays Banjo so its been a pleasure collaborating with this fine young gentleman once again. Hope you enjoy and check out Charles’s original cover and his music here ! ROCK ON !

Charles Butler YouTube

Charles Butler Music

released 31 May 2013

Charles Butler – Banjo and Dobro
David Satori – Bass, Percussion, Production
Sidecar Tommy – Drums

Mastering and additional Engineering by Eric Oberthaler (witchdoctormastering.com)


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