TLC – No Scrubs (Soular Order Remix)

 TLC – No Scrubs (Soular Order Remix)
TLC - No Scrubs (Soular Order Remix)

so in love with this SOULAR ORDER REMIX of “TLC – NO SCRUBS” so soulful , so 2013 , and so killer beat made and rigged by the SOULAR ORDER CREW, this is pure magical , if LEFTEYE would could listen to this she probably  would love it it too, but  beside I LOVE the original on , this is is beautiful and got the things who hits all the soft spots we love to be touched by the right tune, it got the liittle drive into pop, but it is not wrong at all it is the part which made sugar babes amd justin timberlake so beloved by the underground and the mainstream , a beautiful remix by SOULAR ORDER  a new order in the scene, we will see but a bright and sunny tune to welcome the day .

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