Shut Up Girl Mixtape Vol. 2 , the TRAP connection NORWAY

Shut Up Girl Mixtape Vol. 2 , the TRAP connection NORWAY

Shut Up Girl Mixtape Vol. 2
SHUT UP GIRL, EXPOSEEXPRESS.COM aka  Ida Dillan & Kamilla Haugen aka SHUT UP GIRL from Oslo, Norway got a second edition the PARTY QUEENs from OSLO got a one take TRAP MIX for us , wow and they got it all Andru, Wayvee, Clicks & Whistles, Ill Blu, Chelley, Http x Hyrdaulix, GTA & Digital Lab Feat. Hendrix, Skitzofrenix, Dolce & Cntrl, gLAdiator & Stooki Sound, Duelle, Crookers & Digi, Mayhem & Antiserum, Gent & Jawns, Benzy & Willy, Hudson Mohawke, Congorock Feat. Sean Paul & Stereo Massive, Willy Joy, Flosstradamus & DJ Quik,
DJ Jy, The Partysquad Feat Alvaro, Watapachi, CRNKN, this TRAP mixtape by the OSLO PARTY CREW is a loaded gun of TRAP BANGER, checked out their blog fun to read and do every male fans not looking forward for a new mix tape from Ida Dillan & Kamilla Haugen beside their extrem sick galore choice  of tunes they packed in their mix tape and hope for their killer short shuts for their cover . which one you prefer i prefer the tunes and the cover both are pure pleasure to enjoy , NORWAY a place with the sweetest cheeks i guess,


Andru / You Are
Wayvee / Full Circle
Clicks & Whistles / Can’t Believe
Ill Blu / Tik Tok (Ace Future Remix)
Chelley / I Took The Night (Hot Rod x Slink Remix)
Http x Hyrdaulix / Booty Bounce
GTA & Digital Lab Feat. Hendrix / Hit It
GTA / Booty Bounce
GTA / Shake Dem
Skitzofrenix / Respek Di Woman
Dolce & Cntrl / Tremor
gLAdiator & Stooki Sound / Scared Now
Duelle / Psycho
Crookers & Digi / Stiaah!
Mayhem & Antiserum / Trippy
Gent & Jawns / Coco
Buku / All Deez
Benzy & Willy Joy
Hudson Mohawke / Cbat (Slick Shoota Edit)
Will Sparks / Ah Yeah (Alex Young Remix)
Angel Haze / Werkin’ Girls (Son Of A Kick Remix)
Congorock Feat. Sean Paul & Stereo Massive / Bless Di Nation (GTA Remix)
Flosstradamus & DJ Quik / Stylust Recalls
Thugli / What Happened
Willy Joy / Love Me Right
DJ Jy / Kesha Wif The Fatty (Drippin & Slick Shoota Edit)
The Partysquad Feat Alvaro / Badman (Luminox Remix)
Thugli / Barrier
Watapachi / DWM


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