Wicked Games (Conny Wolf Edit)

Wicked Games (Conny Wolf Edit)


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“Wicked Games by THE WEEKEND” re edited by  Conny Wolf  from Zwickau, Germany and  made divine deep house edit which is a class of its own , another or the next level of the summer is going to be launched with the modern classic “Wicked Games by the WEEKEND” and wow this is a beautiful way to find the kiss of 2day if there is someone out there I wanna kiss , the kiss must be so beautiful , soulful , fresh minted and sexy like this crazy ravishing gorgeous track from ZWICKAU and I have to emphasize “EAST” GERMANY, because the music scene and movement is absolutely amazing and the house ,electro and TECH scene is  just massive , so “EAST ” GERMANY is still a class of its own and got soul in their system.BEST REGARDS to ZWICKAU and the talented MINDS, BOYS and GIRLS from EAST GERMANY, love your enthusiasm , heart of gold and SOULm today we celebrate this monster beautiful DEEP HOUSE REMIX by Conny Wolf one son in the midst of you got soul and gold in his tune.

special thanks to Bennson for playing guitar.
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