24 hours free dl / FROM RUSSIA WITH “LOVE” by “813”

  All tunes for free for 24 hours by “813”

All tunes for free for 24 hours

813 is a Russian multiple  style producer and firefighter , who think of your ears and souls, he said and so far it seem on the point right depicted by himself, 813 give away twenty tunes for free away in the following 24 hours , i guess to celebrate his “RECOLOR  EP” which is out now and available on vinyl and digital released from the “AVTIVIA BENZ” label MOSCOW, RUSSIA.  2o tunes where he proves to have   real multiple skills  and styles , we EDM pleasure ,TRAP , sweetest electro pop , electro gold , electro funk , electro beats, progressive house and tech house , do not forget his absolute KAZANTIP ready delicious TECHNO tunes for the tanned beauties of russia , check the 20 tunes you will definitely fall for his music which is for real gold for your ear and soul , Mother RUSSIA is proud of you son, with all respect.

– Recolor EP OUT NOW in vinyl & digital on Activia Benz
Moscow, Russia
ps . my  absolute personal favorite is still “SUNNY LEMONADE”

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