It is for the man from the dirty south sound to ride the sound again like he does

 Juke Ellington – The Milky Way // FREE DL
Juke Ellington - The Milky Way // FREE DL
this is JUKE, JUKE ELLINGTON and the crazy blogger from SOUNDTHING is writing again something to praise his artwork , because there is a new title out and it burns like the heat of the sun, and guess what , the title is “MILKY WAY” yah” “MILKY WAY by JUKE ELLINGTON” and we got million stars in this tune burning hot beside this tune , fresh from his beat machine with a horn sample like heaven or right from the best past days from JEAN MICHELLE JARRE he rigged this crazy, dirty and monster sexy tune together like he does, the beat is so fresh and dirty there is no strings attached ,sweet like a moon cake , and crazy like he does the synth keys and beat art which makes him “the”  JUKE ELLINGTON, finished always some kind to early , because such tunes are always too short, you begin  enjoy the whole tune and it ends , good things end to early and such tunes just wanna make u wanna more of JUKE ELLLINGTON’s heavy electronic ambient rocker. JUKE ELLINGTON a.k.a. pierre haribo  from Mons/Chi-Town, Belgium got skillz and show us again how he ride.
respect for such god given talent and muchas gracias for the free download

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