Bonobo : Pieces [Feat. Cornelia]

 Bonobo : Pieces [Feat. Cornelia]
Bonobo : Pieces [Feat. Cornelia]
BONOBO gives us a ravishing new electro tune called “PIECES” featuring the divine CORNELIA and this collaboration seem the right components to generates a tune he hope to dream and hope that such thing like LOVE exist , every part, the BONOBO one is the sound casting the hemisphere full of stars and let the moon rise between his composition of seamless fluent  orchestral instruments and the ingredient  that make a BONOBO piece a unique  BONOBO one , swinging the bells , the oboes, his majestics beat working in total harmony with the anglic pure voice from such supernatural by CORNELIA, what can we hope more from the modern sounds at least a tale to tell about , but BONOBO packs the here quite a lot of abstract emotional varieties, he  dished us  hope , love and a divine sound , sounds to tell a tale about sung by the voice you still listen to after it ends for a little while . Taken from Bonobo’s new album The North Borders released by the legend ,the label NINJA TUNE  – Out Now!

Taken from Bonobo’s new album The North Borders – Out Now!

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