Last Remnants by Koreless

 Last Remnants by  Koreless


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Last Remnants by  Koreless from London, Britain (UK) is second release from the Yūgen EP and he is a genius there is no doubt , but can this tune stand alone against the first release called “SUN” which was a highlight in APRIL, we will see , the built up was second to none, the tension was so epic like PLASTICMAN in his best time , the density  could nearly mess with  CHRISTIAN VOGELS pieces which density is in my personal opinion really similar like a ALFRED HITCHCOCK piece, but KORELESS  pieces like those two “SUN” and ” Last Remnants ” both somehow minimal in their nature , the built up nearly the same tempo and if i would judge now for the first ten times i listen to both is one thing sure , that KORELESS had found his style , epic, ambient and beautiful tune both and if I have  given the impression that i want to compare both tunes to find which tune would impress  me more so i have to say both got the same KORELESS quality and these is hard to compare because both are nowadays somehow unique both massive and beautiful, i am really looking forward to the Yugen EP, when both got such an amazing handcrafted built up, how will be the full EP, is ther a redline where we see how all track grow ith each other to a whole piece of art and sound , i am really keen to here the first tune to the last one , so well built and thoughtful composed tunes must work seamlessly together, but back to the new release  is not so straight like “SUN” , it got more warm sounds and the bells made it really playful and fresh in the same time , KoRELESS rigged a tune  which virtuousity is growing by each time you listen to it, it seem straight and without any massive turn and twists but despite the clean structure , KORELESS made a lot of well thought choices which sample he is using and this samples do not become boring and like COCA COLA the code cracked to brew a softdrink with the magical ability not to become boring because its taste is merely not memorable so that we can drink so much COLA,  does KORELESS has a distinctive style which let us with the same effect we cannot get enough from his tunes after we are caught in the beauty of KORELESS ART and SOUND , there is a wish to listen to it again and again such impressive thing to pack in one tune which is so minimal and clean is a god given talent , best regards to KORELESS in LONDON  “Last Remnants ” is a ravishing beautiful tune .






Yūgen EP out now, Young Turks. 幽玄

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