Empire VII – Foxholes (Ft. Amber Maria)

 Empire VII – Foxholes (Ft. Amber Maria)
Empire VII - Foxholes (Ft. Amber Maria)
 Empire VII aka Sam Eley from Derby, Britain (UK) collaborated with one of the most sexiest dark themed voice i heard for a long time , no I am not EMO or GOTH, i wish to be one if I hear such voice like Amber Maria has, there are some voices who are so powerful and dark you just fall in love with it , where you can find such voice , you can find a deeper meaning of life , okay a little too much you say, than one question where you can find a soul who got such a soul which had such a variety of beautiful intonation and emotional aspects, almost a kindred spirit who knows the dark aspects of life so you can relate to such a tune , so it is in this tune by Empire VII aka Sam Eley and his beautiful decision to collaborate with such a songstress like Amber Maria, Sam Eley’s skill set to make such a deep, dark and sexy DUBSTEP composition and AMBER MARIA are the perfect combination to fit together to such a killer DUBSTEP tune , I guess this is not for everyday usage and everyday DUBSTEP user , but this made it so unique , this is such a tune who cools the halls and festivals 10 or 20 degrees without to take the momentum of the masses who is already dancing this and his “Empire VII’s remix of Mutrix’s “Come Alive” featuring Charity Vance.” is gonna wake up the rest of the festivals folks and let them them run to you ,Sam Eley, and they will dance to you and your tunes until the sun rise and than they  will try to make love and babies with your sound and spirit in  mind .

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