Juke Ellington & Subp Yao – Fuck Dat

 Juke Ellington & Subp Yao – Fuck Dat



 Juke Ellington & Subp Yao – Fuck Dat is the cleanest TRILL art work i could listen to , i love the underground schmouch and the typical patina all the trill have but this is just way to classy and slick to be a TRILL tune i though you can argue and oppose it  but this tune is another kind of TRILL, different but not in  a bad way the verse and samples are exorbitant clinical clean fitted together and made it easier to digest because everthing on and with such tune seem to be so right , ya every detail is right where it belong so you can say it is the perfect TRILL, but this sounds just like a PERFECT , where all the scratches from the glass surface vanished and you could see through again , so you can see the mob and people who are head bubbling and nodding  their heads to the tune , ” Juke Ellington & Subp Yao – Fuck Dat” is pure trill material and the mc is so rocking this tune by ” Juke Ellington & Subp Yao”



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