Hatred – Musik (Joney Remix)

Hatred – Musik (Joney Remix)

Hatred - Musik (Joney Remix)

“JONEY” aka “Jonas Schiefferdecker” from the GATES to the World , HAMBURGS master of JUKE and TRAP desaster is back with a new HIP HOP thriller , okay you may do not understand GERMAN language , but ” JONEY” HAMBURGS prince of JUKE and TRILL thrill well established as a TRAP rocker of GERMANY made a killer THRILLER of a BEAT, a masterpiece of HIP HOP BEATS, which is spitting out sirenes and electro punches so massive that the words of the  waves from HAMBURG should be spread hundred times more than I could do , by the way the Mc called “HATRED ” is rolling a spicy and hard his lines about “MUSIK” and tells us that music is his multi tool to work with emotional sequences and it is the art from your headphone to your soul. A legit  opinon i could sign for . THE BEAT is an artwork for itself , a thriller and you can buy”Joney’S” EP from his website a killer collection from his of juke , trill and TRAP. REMEMBER “JONEY” and spread the word , you will not be the first and not not the last one who will be thrilled by the art work by “JONEY” aka “Jonas Schiefferdecker”


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