Boy Is Mine (Brandy x Monica) by FALCONS

 Boy Is Mine (Brandy x Monica)
Boy Is Mine (Brandy x Monica)

  Boy Is Mine (Brandy x Monica) by  FALCONS aka Yung Falc$  from Los Angeles , a monster bass tune , FALCONS took the Brandy x Monica classic bitch fight about a dawg , whose the winner is when one of them wins is a different question,i like when both decided to let him go, there was a version i guess , but this monster bass tune is full forced bass orientated, FALCONS took this flat bass , which really sounds like a movie intro for the gladiators entering the arena , which made it  to a  so much more extrem bass head  anthem, is it trap , yes it is , but such kind of trap belongs on a different pedestal , some which belong  to a monster down beat R&B TRAP , this shit is more than hot if this one get on the turntable i wish to be there there must be ten times more girls dancing to this one , first it is a subject they can take the position of both parties , this is a clear point of view thing which the beautiful girls cannot deny that they met such dawgs and they hope that does not happen to them , if it happened they hope to be so classy and  strong like Brandy x Monica to solve that shit. On the other hand the second reason would the second to none one . this tune is a slow dance , downtempo and a massive monster tune , which on the right sound system blast all the shyness away between the male dominant TRAP thing , this crazy uber bass in this TRAP is impossible to ignore on the dancefloor ,this is the uber trigger for TWERKING, BOOTIES are gonna shaken until the sweat is gonna impregnated the summer air humidity to a new record value  because i could imagine that this burner is obviously  impossible to ignore, i wanna dance in this mob of competitive fun , anger and vibes of  real relaxation in the movement of this beautiful TRAP tune by  Yung Falc$ .
 BY the WAY this tune is gonna be with FALCONS and his SHOW with Jerome LOL, Mike G, Sango, Joe Kay, Dj Pound and do not miss the Live session on Soulection Radio, one of the hottest shit are going to burn the ether and frequencies on such a show like Soulection Radio, the present  elite force of music is dishing up there .
Boy Is Mine (Brandy x Monica)


Livin’ reckless for a necklace.


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Los Angeles, CA

Live session on Soulection Radio
Los Angeles, CA

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Mike G going away party! w/ Jerome LOL, Mike G & more!
Los Angeles, CA

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Venice Beach, CA


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