Cyber – Down Low (Featuring Green Hypnotic & Kaytranada)

 Cyber – Down Low (Featuring Green Hypnotic & Kaytranada)
THE MEISTER is here and he brought us a masterpiece  , i refer  “KAYTRANADA” as the “MEISTER, the SENSEI of HIP HOP BEATS  and almost every time I hear his masterpieces I got an cold shower , how precise and divine he compose his set and beats. ” Cyber – Down Low (Featuring Green Hypnotic & Kaytranada)” is the prove of my hypothesis, he starts so minimal beat by beat , tone by tone but with the first note he proves his abitlity to controll the tune , where youngster begin their tune to got the best impression with orchestral , epic and tons of effects , KAYTRANADA takes the the long path and built it up to such grande dope path and he excelled  to such a R&B monster , so sexy , so devoted to his tune and the artists who follows his virtuosity just galvanized each artist he work with like this tune proves so well, and CYBER does a nice job to combine this divine beat with his idea of this tune , the flow is not real mine but the combination makes ist just brilliant
RESPECT , all my RESPECT to the MEISTER of beats  from Montreal, Canada

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