Jeremih – Let Loose (feat. The Game)

 Jeremih – Let Loose (feat. The Game)

Jeremih - Let Loose (feat. The Game)

JEREMIH is back and he roll the beats on his tongue , his soul is so dark and deep and a voice like his possesses the power to swing and sing. a voice which  hits the buttons of our soul where we stashed the lusty vice which take  us in the moment when we really wanna let ourselves go and loose , the moment when we find each other in the time where we let loose and falling in our arms. That sequence in the short part of our life where we true taste , smell and feel what we want to do , his voice and stories tell our darkest wishes and wake our nature , our true nature and speaks out the things we almost every time wish to say and just sometimes  did .” Jeremih – Let Loose (feat. The Game)“is a monster of a electro R&B tune so sexy , like GINUWHINE and his “PONY” tune, a tune like this is a true animal of SOUL which taste salty and so sweet.


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