Electrified by Young-Wonder

Electrified by Young-Wonder


Electrified by Young-Wonder is true electrifying because the vibes are total physical and her voice is going into all frequencies which hits all the synapses in your gray matter , i for myself got a sweet taste like strawberries while i hear this tune and you got what Young-Wonder is promising  you , I for myself am stunned amazed and total electrified ,like the moment you feel the first sunshine tingeing on your face and you see the first people like sunflowers moving their heads to the sun and relax, because you are who you are , at the moment where you are and begin to understand that you are the right person in the right moment and  you understand a universal thing , finally right time , right place and the right person  and  you are the person , at the right time ,  who hold your universe together and nobody else , such beautiful tune has Young-Wonder given us with ” Electrified ”

EP Out Digitally on the 6th May on Feel Good Lost Records

With the release of their sophomore EP just around the corner, fast rising Cork duo Young Wonder are giving us something else to be excited about by offering a stream of new track “Electrified.” The band wowed fans with the eastern-influenced “To You” and recently revealed “Time”, with both tracks displaying the distinctive talents of Ian Ring and Rachel Koeman. “Electrified” shows yet another side to Young Wonder, showcasing a pop sensibility within Ring’s ability to craft walls of sound and Koeman’s versatile vocal. The “Show Your Teeth” EP will be released on May 6th Via Feel Good Lost Records. “Electified” serves as yet another tantalising teaser of what to expect.


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