ChibiNoize is a CHIPTUNE ROCKER extraordinaire

“Glitched” by ” ChibiNoize”



“Glitched” by ” ChibiNoize” aka Francisco Ramírez from San Luis Potosí, Mexico is a CHIPTUNE ROCKER extraordinaire who must have the license and permit by the holy and mighty himself to rock the keys like he does to compose such a divine CHIPTUNE ROCKER, a tune to rule the CHIPTUNE THRONE of MEXICO at least for the time being of 2minutes 54 seconds , this is the time this piece of royal CHIPTUNE track last and it repeat itself because it is so killer addictive , like nothing else i tasted before , ok sugar and sex  but nothing else ok i like CHIPTUNE there is my PSX , yeah back to music this CHIPTUNE by ” ChibiNoize” aka Francisco Ramírez is a supreme piece of CHIPTUNE ROYALITY
RESPECT to San Luis Potosí, Mexico and “ChibiNoize” the  “CHIPTUNE ROCKER extraordinaire”


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