Foals – Late Night (Koreless Remix)

Foals – Late Night (Koreless Remix)

Foals - Late Night (Koreless Remix)
Foals’s avatar

Foals – Late Night (Koreless Remix) blasted me total away , what an incredible remix , wow, what, this one stands in the room and let all the haters look bad , this is the tune  which steals the show of the day , simple beautiful tune where dreams become reality, and wishes collide to the moment when u discover that life can surprise u more than imagination does ;sometimes , you have to admit that there is a tune , something is just so overwhelming beautiful you cannot stop to stare, you cannot stop to listen to and FOALs and KORELESS accomplished that something , a tune which is like you standing  at a cliff , that time close your eyes and you know in front of you is nothing than thin air , but there is something far far away which is promising you everything, it seem possible to take the next step I am not talking about flying I am, talking about the step when you discover that things was impossible before are possible now ,real everything what has real values and let you hope that you can roll with all the abstract constructs like love , hope and justice,and you listen to all what is in front of you, for the masses with wide open eyes there is nothing , but if just listen to the tune and believe in the tales “LATE NIGHT” is whispering to you and you believe that the moment will last forever more , and the kiss of this tune never end , it should not end , , the dive into a deep blue ocean of this tune

respect to FOALS and KORELESS you composed a tune which truly inspires and let the world raise for a moment to be place wish to be


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