Noahs Boat – Arcalumis

Noahs Boat – Arcalumis

Noahs Boat - Arcalumis

sometimes u find a tune which is so beautiful u wanna keep it for a few days just for yourself because it seem  so precious ,it is one of these tunes which so much magic packed inside it , i could not get it how breakbeat could be so beautiful,  catchy , chill and cozy while it is orchestral and with little Latin and so fantastic broken beats framed with such artistic guitar riff in one combined  and framed in one tune , one epic break beat which could show a lot of another weaker break beats their places where they should be , this one is the tune which they should mess with to get to such standard, level and quality ,THANK u “NOAH BEAT” every time i listen to “Arcalumis” the world seem to be little less painful to endure , music heals, this one for sure

best regards to “Noahs Boat ” in BERLIN great art and music

-somewhere nowhere everywhere-

contact and booking (as from march 2013)


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