Young The Giant – Islands (Sean Mackey Remix)

Young The Giant – Islands (Sean Mackey Remix)

monster epic tune , “Young The Giant – Islands” remixed by SEAN MACKEY, melodic, trimmed and fitted chilled  to be true epic tune, This one got the warranty to chill down the room temperature at least 5 degress , natural chiller to calm and smooth the everyday edges like a  smooth creamy bath, and you look over to a lake ,a song which proves that travelling without moving is possible and not science fiction it is a state of mind

SEAN MACKEY, is a 17 year producer from Auckland, New Zealand and this tune got the magic which NEW ZEALAND got

Young The Giant - Islands (Sean Mackey Remix)

A 93bpm garage remix of Young The Giant’s “Islands” which I did for fun!
Just sit back and let the sounds wash over you 🙂

Contact here on Soundcloud or

“Sean is a 17 year old producer from New Zealand who has been writing chillout music since July 2012.

Working with multiple genres, such as Liquid Dubstep, House and Garage, he labels his music as “a sort of mixture of sounds that aim to relax,” and it does. His use of piano and strings cleverly contrast with synthetic sounds, and his talent to vocal slice is a unique trait in his music, that sets him apart from many chillout producers.

“I want to produce something different. Not entirely dubstep, or glitch, or garage, but a mixture of them all”

At such a young age, Sean Mackey has been featured on promotional channels such as
MrSuicideSheep and VitalDubstep, receiving great response. Look out for Sean Mackey’s works in the future!”

my former favorite tune by SEAN MACKEY

-orionfalls music


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